I’m A Mythical Beast As I’ve Got @RhettandLink

Whoa! Its more than a year that I posted anything after the last one where I stated that list type videos have taken over the internet. It appears that I was abducted and taken hostage by those damn lists. Now that I am a recovering list addict, I’ll have to move on to find some better content to hook on to. By the same time I was held hostage by the list videos, I came to know about Rhett and Link. They’ve been on YouTube for a while but I only found out about them in 2014 and I don’t know what drew me to their videos. Maybe I was bored and maybe I was feeling nerdy or probably missing my engineering college friends. These guys named Rhett and Link who are both ex-techies and originally from small town mid west appeal to my sensibilities and their silly jokes make me smile for a bit. For about a year now, I’ve been following their channel Good Mythical Morning where these dude (who live in Los Angeles now) just chirp about something they discovered or found fascinating. A good idea for a mellow morning talk show where they dare themselves with all sorts of foolish things like tasting baby foods and acting like two whales. They engage the audience (who they call mythical beasts) with their giant mythical boulder or the wheel of mythicality. They even have a channel for the after show segment which is usually an extended discussion about the topics discussed on the main show. Began in 2011 as an experiment, the Good Mythical Morning have become a fan favourite and definitely Rhett and Link have found the perfect YouTube format. No surprise to say that they are a multi award winning duo and have gone on to create a 30 minute variety show called The Mythical Show that features multiple segments. Good Mythical Morning has crossed 700 episodes and has featured guests like Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Hader. Watch it and you’ll become a mythical beast too.

The latest Episode of GMM:

An early episode

An Episode of The Mythical Show with Smosh

Just had a realization. Maybe this is the Seinfeld of YouTube. Everything is eventually pointless or “mythical” as you say it.



Voracious Appetites, Bad Language Make #Viral Success On #SocialMedia

Wendy's Baconators being added in the "Tu...

Wendy’s Baconators being added in the “TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving” episode, with the individual and total fat and calorie counters visible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who doesn’t like food??

Young people have massive appetites and they should have! Its one of the pleasure of the life one should never sacrifice for any reason in the world, except of-course only if you have diarrhoea.

After all we all work to fill our stomach and we should have all the best of food in the world. However there’s a word ‘gluttony’ which means over indulgence and over consumption of food. It’s one of the ‘original sins’

However we won’t chastise you for overeating or for foul language for that matter because apparently that makes for great Social Media content 😉

Here we love the folks at Epic Meal Time and their bunch of Food whores who create great food only enormous in proportions and portions. It’s actually borderline disgusting so watch at your discretion.

P.s. I never get why swearing in their videos is overdubbed with a crow crowing.

And do leave your comments below if you give a f*ck

Epic #quotes replaced with #Viral

English: The Trip members: Chad, Wes and Marco...

English: The Trip members: Chad, Wes and Marco with the frisbees from their viral music video for “On The First Time” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Viral is not when you think it is, Viral is when people say it is
Viral is what Viral does
If you make viral, they will come
Here’s looking at you, Viral
The night is darkest before the Viral
A rolling Viral gather’s no moss
I’m going to make him a Viral he can’t refuse
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a Viral
May the Viral be with you
I love the smell of Viral in the morning
Viral means never having to say Viral
Its Viral as hell, I’m not going to take this anymore
Show me the Viral!
I want to be Viral
Round up the Viral Suspects
You’re gonna need a bigger Viral
I see Viral people
Elementary, my dear Viral
Forget it Jake, it’s Viral
I have always depended on the Viral of strangers
A Viral, Shaken not Stirred
Nobody puts a Viral in the corner
I’m the king of the Viral
Hasta la vista, Viral
Are we Viral yet?
What we have here is faliure to go Viral
Go ahead, make my Viral
Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful Viral
You can’t handle the Viral!

Can you think of more? Add in the comments. Here’s a video featuring Weird Al (Probably the grandfather of Parody videos) to inspire you to go Viral

@TeamCOCO and #SocialMedia

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets just not get into the details of how and when Conan O’Brien got on to Social Media. I will not do an in-depth analysis of the Late Night Show debacle and how Conan began his long recovery back as a bigger more meaner talk show star. He is the most beloved host in America and beyond. I guess they even copied his show in China! However, his Irish origins and clearly Democratic stance aside, he is a comedian and a satirist with a weird brand of physical comedy. He has a great team and Andy and Max are his pals. Somehow his Simpsons legacy has stuck with him I believe but he has surely left his early days on the Late Night Show far behind.

Conan in his many travels has visited from Finland to Amsterdam and has quite often shown keen interest in technology. He has visited Google and has mocked them of their snobbish arrogance and has done break-dance inside the labs of Intel. He has even visited Industrial Lights and Magic (George Lucas’s Tech bunker) and set their employed geeks free and led them out in the open. It is elementary that he turned to the new media at the very beginning and started building a brand (Team COCO) and a social media presence that probably every other celebrity would envy today. He’s big on most social channels and now he looks forward to conquer LinkedIn. I’ve sent him my connection request.

The whole idea of entertainment around the talk show is changed by Team COCO and it is just amazing to see how Conan has kept ahead of others in tapping the Social Media. Trust me, its a great case study.